Jeremy Schipper

Beach Bodies Pt 1: Speculative Core Samples

Graduate Thesis
Models with Pera Hardy
(sand, plastic, seaweed, salt, seawater, hair, seashells, wood, ice, stone, paper, concrete, wax)

Beach Bodies aims to illustrate the leaky boundaries between what we consider “natural” and “manmade” landscapes.

It uses the recorded history of Ulksen (Wreck) Beach in Vancouver --North America’s largest nude beach -- in which industrial processes gave rise to artifical land.

Building upon this history, a story of the future of Ulksen Beach was written as parable in which forces from nature and humans alike coalesce to form an entirely new landscape born from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch; an existing field of micro-plastics floating in the ocean’s mass.

Part 1 of the project consisted of creating speculative core sampled -- bits of “earth” from the future islands made up of a mixture materials harvested from the beach; seaweed, salt, sand, plastic, timber, trash, etc.)

The speculative core samples were then scanned and animated.