Jeremy Schipper


︎Founding Editor, Issue 01: The Bathroom

Issue 02: The Kitchen coming soon!

Room Journal launched in 2019. Each issue of the biannual publication explores a different distinguishable room and challenges its boundaries and demarcations, both material and immaterial.

For its inaugural issue, Room focuses on the Bathroom; the room that has set the stage for some of the most public struggles and celebrations of social and cultural identity in the past one hundred years. Complexities and contradictions of the bathroom including questions of privacy and publicness, cleanliness and dirtiness, the high and the low, and the ritualistic and the mundane are fleshed out and interrogated.


Peter Greenaway
Louisa Bailey & Joyce Cronin (The Bower) 
Christie Pearson
Leonard Koren
Jeremy Schipper
Sou Fujimoto
Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge & Sam Chermayeff ( June14)
Zeina Koreitem & John May (MILLIØNS)
Olivia Bull
Alex Kalman
Sherry McKay
Nienke Hoogvliet
Amanda Jehring
Joel Sanders
Barbara Penner
Joep Van Lieshout (Atelier Van Lieshout)
Neeraj Bhatia (The Open Workshop)
Christopher Roach
Max Lamb
Reece Terris
Bill Pechet
Lőrinc Vass
Daniel John Bracken
Alex Schweder

Design: Post Projects
Editorial Team:  Olivia Bull, Jérémie Dussault-Lefebvre, Sébastien Roy